Some people wonder “Why do I need to follow up with prospects” or customers shouldn’t they be reaching out to me?

Well let’s be honest. Do you reach out to businesses that want you to buy something from them???

The answer is NO!!! In this video we’ll talk about why you follow- up is important and why you should be automating your business to make this process easier.

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The Money’s In the Follow-Up ??‍♀️

Here’s Why??

Knowing this simple fact could help you change the trajectory of your business.

It takes an average of 7-10 times for someone to see your offer before buying or taking an “Action” on your offer. 

This means … Not many people are going to buy from you on 1st exposure. That’s why Branding is important See This video about branding ??

? According to Forbes business owners follow up an average of 3 times with a lead or prospect ?

Follow-Up is something like those ads that keep following you on every site you go to ?

Those marketers are doing a really Great job at keeping you interested in their product/service(s) 

What they are doing is helping their leads & prospects along the buying journey.

Following up with your leads, prospects will help you convert more leads into sales by nurturing the lead… Making them feel more comfortable & confident in YOUR brand which will keep your brand at the top of the list when it comes time to buy YOUR thing.

Remember the moneys in the follow up.

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