Common bottlenecks in Business & How to Solve them 

1 common bottleneck in business is lack of profit 

Profit is defined as “A financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something. 

Most people don’t even know the profitability of their business because they aren’t tracking the numbers 

Most common profitability bottlenecks 
• Not enough exposure for your business. There’s not enough eyeballs on your product/service so your business suffers. Your business is growing too slow. 

• Not enough manpower. You’re doing all the work, you’re doing all the jobs and there not enough you to go around. You’re getting burnt out.

• You’re not charging enough to make a profit.
You need to be charging more in order to be profitable. 

• Slow Output you need production, systems and tools to help run your business efficiently. 

These are a few common bottlenecks that could be costing you “Massive Growth” these unchecked issues could be costing you a substantial rise in revenue and may ultimately end up costing you your business. 

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