5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

Social media marketing trends 2021 Follow these trends as they will be on the rise thru 2022 – Vicariously Me Marketing
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The pandemic has opened the eyes of many people to social media and accelerated the growth of social media. It is expected that the trends of 2021 will see an increase in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This has already has led to new ways for people interacting with one another, without even realizing it. Social media marketing is going through a transformation as well; marketers are now using data-driven insights to create more personalized experiences and campaigns that resonate better with their target audience.

Interested to learn what the trends will be? This blog will explain the expected social media trends in 2021.

5 Trends in Social Media Marketing 2021

  1. Live Streaming – Social Media Trends

Following the global crisis of 2020, many businesses had to adopt digital marketing to maintain social distances and other covid19 protocols. Face to face meetings and gathering is no longer allowed in most parts of the world. Meetings of all kinds have been made to adopt video conferencing. Court sessions, music concerts, religious services and sports events have all gone online and thus the need to live stream.

In 2020 Live streams took an upswing bringing live streaming to the forefront of social media marketing trends for 2021.
In 2020 Live streams took an upswing bringing live streaming to the forefront of social media marketing trends for 2021.

Social media has also improved its live streaming features. For example, Facebook and WhatsApp saw a massive raise in messaging hence the need to adopt the live streaming feature. Live streaming in WhatsApp and other social media platforms has risen to almost triple its usage in the past year.

2. Video Content Will Dominate Social Media

Video has come a long way in social media. There are short form videos in TikTok and long-form content found on YouTube. Every social media platform has a very active video feature. This is because videos are easily shared and passed on to as many people as possible in a very short period of time. It is presumed that by the year 2022 almost 90% of online content will be video driven. Be sure not to miss this boat in your content creation strategy.

3. Virtual Reality will Grow -Social Media Trends 2021

With the new normal of social distancing, people need more virtual reality than anything else so to interact. Many people are seeking more meaningful interactive ways and Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the current technological trends to fill this void. Interacting with people virtually gives one the sense of actually being together, despite the distance. People use Facebook Messenger, IMO, WhatsApp and other platforms to stay connected. 

Shopping online will skyrocket in social media marketing trends 2021
Store Social Media Shopping will be big!

4. Social Media Trends 2021 – Social Media Commerce

With the social media industry adapting to enhance the user experience, most features tend to support quick and easy shopping. On Facebook, you can set a shop that people can browse and purchase your products from the platform. On can sell or buy products through Instagram that has become such a big “shop”. More businesses are adopting this new trend of social commerce and most consumers prefer these convenient online shops.

5. Purpose-Driven Campaigns

Social media trends 2021 marketing trends to follow
Create advertising campaigns with a greater purpose in 2021

With the coronavirus restricting people to ability to move about; campaigns to give back to the community have taken a upswing. We’ve seen people using social media to help others. In Twitter surveys, 74% of respondents want brands to display acts of kindness. Consumers are appreciating the brands that will help those vulnerable in this challenging pandemic season and supporting emergency efforts.

In conclusion, the trends of 2021 will increase a business’s online presence greatly. It’s good to anticipate the upcoming social media trends and structure it to take advantage of it. This will help the business know what to expect and know what strategies to apply so as to compete in the social media game. When marketers know and go with the trends, they will have no problems preparing themselves for the market and meet their business goals.

5 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021

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