Today I’d like to talk about SEO Optimization. It is one of the most effective ways to build your online presence and grow your business. In this post we will discuss 5 Reason to Improve Your SEO!

What is SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a form of content marketing that increases organic search. For example when people search the term “How to Market My Business” several ads will populate along with several blog posts that have been optimized to show up in search for this specific keyword, search term or search phrase.

5 Reasons to Improve Your SEO Today 1
The steps you take when implementing search engine optimization boosts your rankings

SEO optimization generates natural or Organic reach based on a few key indicators: Keywords , Relevance, Backlinks, Social Signals to name a few.

These key indicators signals google, yahoo or bing to boost the post in search rankings for the keywords when searched by consumers. This is one of the benefits of SEO Optimization, that alone should be reason enough reason to take content marketing more seriously, but let’s explore more.

Proper SEO offers more Exposure

The strategic use of popular keywords in your content marketing strategy can help you generate more exposure for your products and/or services; when placed inside of valuable content such as blog posts, videos, social posts linking back to the article or video. As mentioned earlier optimized posts are boosted by search engines in an effort to supply the highest quality content to search users.

Builds Trust

When you show up first on Google this automatically builds credibility. That could be hundreds of thousand, millions or even billions in revenue for your business depending on the frequency or popularity of your specific keywords. Optimization allows google crawlers to find your content easily, thus placing your content higher in search rankings which builds trust in your market for your business.

5 Reasons to Improve Your SEO Today 2

Positions you as a Thought Leader

In today’s market there are so many people offering their products and services online. Knowing this consumers tend to gravitate towards value based information. This means that consumers are looking for those who give the most value. Coupled with valuable content, SEO optimization builds you as a credible source thus crowing your a thought leader. Just be sure to stay consistent as there is daily content for consumers to find and you could get lost if not kept on the forefront of your audience minds.

Google Rewards Your Site

When you’re properly optimizing your website with SEO and valuable content google rewards your site by giving it a boost in search. Google is the most widely used search engine. Google received 5.6 Billion searches per day. When you get a boost from google, you get a little piece of that pie. Remember consistent valuable SEO optimized content and google rewards you. 

Less Ad Spend

Good SEO offers several benefits. One of the main reasons you should be using this invaluable technique in your marketing strategy is, when you properly optimize your website and posts you will ultimately spend less in ads. Sites lacking proper SEO spend more than those that use SEO effectively to build a presence online.

Final Thoughts on SEO Optimization

Proper SEO Optimization Build Your business rankings

In conclusions SEO optimization helps your business in several ways. By properly using SEO you can effectively place your business or practice as a leader in the market, establishing your business or practice as a household name so to speak. When you strategically use this content marketing strategy, you will see a boost in your rankings, you’ll get more exposure, google will reward your site with better placement, you’ll spend less on ads, You build trust and establish yourself or your business as a thought leader.

Take your Search Optimization seriously and you’ll reap the benefits.

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