Attraction Marketing Strategies to Improve Leads and Sales From Social Media & Digital Marketing Efforts


  1. What is Attraction Marketing

            1.1.  How Attraction Marketing Works

  1. How to Become an Expert at Attraction Marketing

            2.1.   Spread knowledge

            2.2.   Earn Trust

            2.3    Be Authentic

           2.4.   Be Social and Responsive

           2.5.  Give Insights

           2.6.  Curate and Share Content

3. Final Thought

? What is Attraction Marketing? ?

Attraction Marketing:

is a marketing strategy that ‘Attracts’ customers and clients to you who already want to buy what you have to offer. 

When applied correctly people will reach out to you about your offer.

How Attraction Marketing Works

6 Social Media Attraction Marketing Strategies to Triple Your Leads 1

Today, there are many types of marketing available to you and your business – digital marketing, influencer marketing, social marketing, network marketing… and the list continues.

But have you heard of attraction marketing? It’s not exactly a new technique in the business world of marketing, but it has grown in popularity over the past few years to astounding heights.

Attraction marketing has erupted because it can seriously increase, improve leads for your business extremely fast.

Attraction marketing involves adding value as well as offering free content to boost potential leads for your business. The ‘attraction’ part of the equation is the important aspect – the concept is not to bombard your audience with your products or services, but to insight your audiences’ attention on an unconscious level so they don’t recognize that they’ve been converted until its time to buy.

Essentially, you are giving away value and knowledge before you offer, your product/services into the market to attract your targeted prospect. I’m not referring to your product itself when I say giving away value, but knowledge or information about it that will help the potential client make a wise informed decision.

The workflow of attraction marketing is represented below:

6 Social Media Attraction Marketing Strategies to Triple Your Leads 2

Home Depot, for example, is deemed the #1 go to source for home supplies in the US. To improve its engagement with homemakers and make them buy more and/or remain loyal to the brand, Home Depot offers regular courses on how to use equipment and machinery or laying tile on a small surface, etc.

Class participants generally buy more from the store immediately following class, to test out what they’ve learned. This is the core purpose of attraction marketing strategies put into action.

6 Social Media Attraction Marketing Strategies to Triple Your Leads 3

This is the fundamental core of attraction marketing. Customers are innately curious to know how things work, how tasks are more efficiently performed before buying it, as well as the value they can gain from the purchase of a particular tool or service. 

When done correctly, attraction marketing can be the golden ticket to amplify the conversion rate and aid in the successful increase in lead generation for your business.

How to Become an Expert at Attraction Marketing

The fundamental basic concepts of attraction marketing is to inform your target audience about the ‘worthiness’ or advantage of a product prior to you ever even indicating that you want them to buy it. Think of the Chinese restaurant handing out samples of kung pow chicken in the mall. They don’t straightforward urge you buy it, they simply give you as sample of what you will get should you decided will buy. That simple taste tester will make you want to buy it without them having to say a word.

Here are six simple ways you can become an expert at attraction marketing.

1. Spread knowledge

As previously stated, attraction marketing is all about teaching your customers. First, let them LEARN about your product. Then, remove the ‘L’ to earn from the knowledge you’ve shared. To do this, you have to spread knowledge about the product, its amazing benefits and how customers can use it to reduce specific frustrations your customers may have without it.

2. Earn trust

Trust wins, every time. In fact, relating to attraction marketing, it is the 1 and only thing that always wins. Clients prefer to buy from authentic and trustworthy brands, so be sure to position your message in genuine authentic ways.

6 Social Media Attraction Marketing Strategies to Triple Your Leads 4

3. Be authentic

In branding and marketing, authenticity has a high price. Customers pay high ticket prices for brands with authenticity without a second thought. Think Apple, Nike and Amazon – they are all well known trusted by consumers to deliver quality goods no matter if its product or service based efficiency. While building your brand use them as your model.

4. Be social and responsive

Social media plays a major role in magnifying the reach you’ll have regarding attraction marketing. Kim Harris of Huffington Post writes “communicating and connecting with your customers on a consistent basis is one of the most fundamental rules of attraction marketing.”

5. Give insights

Do you know future market trends? Or what the next disruptive big game changer will possible be in the industry? Take the opportunity to share it with your audience. Customers expect marketers to be specialist, share what you know and it will improve their loyalty to you.

6 Social Media Attraction Marketing Strategies to Triple Your Leads 5

6. Curate and Share content

Content includes: blog post, infographics, creative images, videos or anything that customers can utilize to learn and become familiar with your products and services. In attraction marketing, by using different types of content and/or reusing existing content, you can gain maximum exposure for your business. Focus on curating content that teaches your audience something valuable. People want to know ‘how’ things are done and ‘why’ they should do them.

Final Thoughts

The best prospective clients are the ones who go searching for you. Attraction marketing makes it easy for clients to know and understand your products/services and analyze its value. Attraction marketing boosts engagement, resulting in increases conversions.

The fundamental key to your success when you use attraction marketing lies in having a sincere interest in your customers needs. Therefore your attraction marketing strategy should be executed with customer needs in mind and the desire to help them solve their problems. 

Once consumers are assured of the value of your products/services your businesses sales and conversions will improve simultaneously. 

If you’re interested in quality leads and high ticket clients, an attraction marketing strategy is the best way to obtain your desired results.

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